GB Number Plate Sticker

Suitable for cars, vans, caravans and trailers. These useful cheap stick on GB number plate style ones can even be used on Motorcycles.

The image below shows the item next to the coins to give you and idea of the size of them.

It is possible to save even more money if you buy two of them.

£1.95 for 1 or £2.95 for 2 stickers.


Ideal for Many Uses

If you don't want a full size GB plate, like the magnetic ones then maybe this is the GB sticker for you. 

Although not specifically designed for motorcycles some bikers do buy these to put on their motorcycles as the normal ones are just too big. Even these may be too big for some motorbikes but they can be trimmed carefully with scissors as they are only sticky backed card not the magnetic type of GB plate.


1.60 x 300.jpg

Other required items for Cars

See our checklist page for all you need if going by car, van motor-home etc.


Other items if going by Motorcycle

If you are going to France or beyond on a motorcycle road trip then there are several other items you need to meet the legal requirements. See Motor Bike Requirements




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